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  After detailed discussions with a client and sponsor in London, Hales Water Turbines Ltd undertook a development program to expand the potential areas of primary heat collection for Ground Source Heat Pumps.

As seen in the pictures below, ground source heat pump can already source their primary heat requirement from below ground or from still waters, such as lakes, using the KENSA  pond mat units. 

The Hales Energy Array is design to operate in any flowing water source, be it fresh water rivers or coastal waters , any flow of water greater than 0.2 m/s to provide the continual replacement of heat/cooling to the primary coils.   The Marine grade 316 stainless steel framing, strong enough to support the standard 250m x32mm pipework system within and protect from any debris within the waters, will provide an expected 25 -50 year life span. 







 To keep with the brief to produce a product 100% recycle-able, even the cable ties used are fully nylon 66 grade. 

The working prototype shown above is just a 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.6m cube, but the total length of the "slinky" coil is contained within with controlled spacing around each face of the pipework to allow full thermal replacement al all times.

These HTA's have been designed for all modular deployment, when bolted together with the flow and return pipework joined by a manifold above, the 7 Kw unit capacity can be expanded to meet any Heat Pump system capacity.  Our client is looking to deploy 4 units to supply a 30KW KENSA heat/cooling unit on the Thames.

An operational test is planned for the 26th September 2018 at Trinity Buoy Wharf  on the Thames in conjunction with the Open Day  celebration of  20 years as  a Arts and Innovation Centre,

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